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BUYER BEWARE! Your eyes will bleed from happiness when you flip through the
incredibly gorgeous, funny and subversive art in this book. Von Kreep has
summoned cartoon maestros from all over the globe to punch you in the throat
with their homage to cereal box art from their "troubled" childhoods.
Man up and buy this book now!  Or live like a coward.
Jorge "Super Macho" Gutierrez, Director  “Book of Life”

As much as I love monsters, cartoons, and sugary cereal, this creepy
collection of loathsome creations by today's most depraved and degenerate
cartoonists is just too repulsive for words.
Eric Homan, Frederator Studios

It beautifully combines everything I loved about my childhood: blood,
guts and pain!

Carl Greenblatt, creator of "Bad Seeds" Nickelodeon

Everyone knows that cereal  can "Snap, Crackle and Pop", but these
fantastic new creations can "Stab, Strangle and Plotz". Just add
milk and shiver.

Stuart Gordon, Director of “Re-Animator”

I can’t endorse this product... I ate a bowl of ‘Blood Clot Cluster
Nut Crunch’ and it made me sooo sick.
- Dan Krall, concerned consumer.

Von Kreep has created a MONSTER-ously great collection of
work from world's most brilliant (and sick) artists the
animation field has to offer!  And by allowing them to
defile the memory or their favorite childhood cereal boxes
he has enabled them to finally confront some of the
repressed feelings that made them the people they
are today.

Dave Wasson, creator “Time Squad”

Von Kreep has poured us a terrifying bowl of Cereal Killer brilliance! By assembling some of the best artists in the cartoon industry, this book throws us back to Saturday mornings via the Wayback Machine to when being a kid, the only good part of going to the store WAS the cereal aisle and the BEST time of the year is HALLOWEEN. Taking our beloved childhood favorites and combining them with the spooky & macabre, this book is a horror lover's delight. Consume and be afraid.

Jack Reher - Screenwriter - "Grizzly"

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